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3.0 - Web based time clock service, time attendance software, Free Time Clock - Free Time Card
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21 January 2015

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This is a free time-clock software tool.

Free Time Clock Free is a reliable and secure web based time clock system for business of any size. This is a tool you can use instead of a mechanical clock for recording time-in and time-out data. The interface is simplest possible. No level of employees should have any problems with the tool and start using it. All you do is to enter your employee number and click in. The software will record the time according to the computer on which this tool was running. The data gets recorded in a database and the same could be used for any kind of processing you need to do. Usually, it will be payroll that you will process with the data. This can be completely automatic and avoids all kinds of transcribing data, if you were using the conventional time card system.

There are two kinds of views of the data that can be generated. Employees will be able to view how day are doing during the current payroll cycle. No changes or modifications are permitted though. The manager’s view permits any modifications that are justified. The administrator will be able to assign these user levels to everyone. This tool is compatible with all computers, it is web based and thus no installation or other overheads apply. The tool is free to use in the simple form of the utility. There are some advanced features available for a fee. There is a demo video available that demonstrated Sign Up, Sign In, Forget Password, employee clock in/out, view history, manager timesheet, who is in, employees’ payrolls, etc. This is a good tool.

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Version 3.0
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